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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Appliqued Mirror

Free Motion Embroidered Pocket Mirror

Now Mr. Larkin and I are not aficionados of the grand romantic gesture, so Valentine's Day often passes us by.  Although last year I did sew him a personalised tissue holder, surely something every man secretly desires? Actually this expression of my love did not have him in raptures of pleasure, so this year it will just be a bottle of lager, if he's lucky! 

I've still been sewing though, and have 'borrowed' an American idea of using Valentine's as an opportunity to show appreciation to teachers!  Now I might be slightly biased, but surely this is one group of professionals which really does deserve the undying gratitude of society?

My daughter does love her teacher and so we made her a little mirror for her bag....

It is only a small gift, but hopefully one which will express our thanks for the hours of work and love she puts into the education of all the students in her care.

The colours have come out a little muted in the picture, but it is a pink and white polka dot heart appliqued onto a linen background.  I also stitched a pure wool presentation pouch to pop it into.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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