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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Linen Zipper Pouch

Appliqued Violin Pencil Case

My son has taken violin lessons at school since Year Four (he's now in Year Eleven!) and sadly his lovely violin teacher is leaving this week.  He wanted to give her a personalised gift to thank her for all those wonderful years of lessons, so I designed this linen zipper pouch featuring a cute little violin applique.

The beautiful sky blue linen was a gift from my bloggy friend Jude and if you haven't visited her page then get there now, you're in for a real treat!  She posts far more regularly than me and most months can also be found published in lots of  magazines.

The brown linen was salvaged from a pair of Mr. Larkin's shorts which had seen much better days.  The initials were then cut using some old table napkins, carefully avoiding the more marked patches!

Thank you Ms Jones ~ You'll be missed!

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Monday, 11 April 2016

'Sew Playtime' Bookazine

Pirate Rag Dolls

Traplet Publications have just released a new bookazine full of adorable stitched toys and gifts for children entitled 'Sew Playtime' and I was delighted to be asked to submit two designs for it.  For the first one I knew I wanted to make a doll that was suitable for both boys and girls, so a pirate theme seemed the perfect choice.

As with all of my creations the finished dolls feature raw edge applique and upcycled fabrics.  They also have a very cool retro groove going on and look the epitome of Sgt. Pepper chic circa 1967!  

The published pattern includes a dress-up set with a very dapper felt moustache, so that your little one (or you!) can really rock the look.  I also like to think Johnny Depp would probably approve of this hip take on the pirate theme!

SewforSoul Pirate Doll and Dress-up Set

Question 'Why do Pirates cry on their own?'
Answer 'Because they have private tears'
Boom Boom! 

Happy Stitching!