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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Zipper End Tab Tutorial

How to cover zip ends ~ An easy DIY!

It's been absolutely ages since I lasted posted a tutorial, so without any further fuss here's a new one ~ Demonstrating how to create the little tabs covering zipper ends of bags and pouches.  They're such a cute little design feature, adding a pop of colour and a fabulous professional feel to your finished makes. 

So that you could see the difference they make for yourself, I began by stitching up an example pouch without tabs......

Just look how pinched and puckered the bulky zipper teeth make those poor side seams....

Now doesn't that look better?!


The first thing you'll notice about this tutorial is that I'm not one for lots of complicated measuring.....I'd much rather get on with the actual sewing and then cut off the 'extra' bits later!  This makes the whole process sew much quicker and easier 😀

To begin, firstly cut two strips of fabric just a touch wider than your zip and approximately twice the finished length of the tabs (I think about 1½ cm looks perfect) plus an extra 5 or 6 centimetres ~ See I promised no real measuring was needed!

Now cut your zipper so that it is roughly 4½ cm shorter than your pouch side pieces. I sew my seams with a narrow ¾ cm allowance but if you stitch a wider seam just cut your zipper proportionately shorter.  Trimming the zip also loses the metal 'staples' from the zipper ends, sewing machines needles do not come off best in a fight against them (guess how I know that!).  You could also sew the zip ends closed with a couple of hand stitches, I don't bother but I guess there is a slight risk you might lose the zipper pull off one or other of the open ends! 

Next fold under approximately 1 cm on each end of your fabric strips press, then fold in half and press again.  From now on the fabric strips will simply be referred to as tabs.

Place one zipper end just inside the first folded tab and hand tack into position.  The less zip you have within the tab the better, as the whole point of the exercise is to reduce unnecessary excess, thus eliminating the annoying puckering that comes from those bulky zipper teeth.

Machine stitch into place and repeat with the other zipper end, you'll then be left with the ends looking like this;

Now continue constructing your pouch in the usual manner......

....and once you've stitched your zipper pouch sandwich, simply trim off the excess tab fabric 

Looking good!

There you have it, a quick and easy guide to creating zipper tabs,
I told you it was easy!

For the pouch above I chose to stitch the tabs in a high contrast fabric for a very modern effect, but they also look great in matching fabric;

In the pouch below I made the tabs an absolutely integral design feature of the finished item... 

Pretty cute huh?

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  1. Gosh, you've been a busy bee. Great tutorial, thank you. Sharon x

  2. Dear Josie
    Thank you for this tutorial - it makes such a difference and gives a professional finish. Your bags are a joy!
    Best wishes

  3. The tabs make such a neat finish Josie, thanks for the tutorial.

  4. What darling pouches . I wish I had your talent . Hugs and blessings , Cindy

  5. I was experimenting with adding these just the other day and I was really pleased with the results. I love the one where you used the print on the fabric, what a lovely detail.

  6. Your corners are perfect, Josie! I just adore the tab with the little pair of scissors. Those little details make your work stand out. I've showcased your great tutorial today.

  7. Love this tutorial thank you. ��

  8. Yes, I neede this & appreciate you sharing❣️🤗