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Friday, 23 May 2014

Fresh as a Daisy ~ Embroidered Bag

Appliqued Zipper Pouch

It's time for the third Cuddly Buddly Design Challenge and this month's theme is 'Daisies'.  I stitched up a little personalised linen make-up bag for a friend called Joy!

Little pouches are one of my favourite things to sew as they make super cute, and also very practical, gifts. I have written a full tutorial, with easy to follow step-by-step photos, over at the Cuddly Buddly blog.  Zipper pouches are great projects to stitch if you're new to sewing (or feel a bit rusty), as they contain many of the most commonly used techniques including linings and zippers (obviously!).  They also feel less intimidating to start with than a full sized garment.

You have until Saturday 14th of June to enter the challenge and there is a very generous £25 gift voucher awaiting the lucky winner.  Your entry doesn't have to be stitched, in fact anything goes, the only rule is that Cuddly Buddly needs to stock the main items you use, even if you didn't actually buy them there!

As we are only in the third month of challenges there has only been a handful of entrants each time, so you are in with a very good chance of winning! 

Get Crafting!


  1. Lovely and summery!! hmm might have to have an attempt at making one of those :-) xx

  2. Daisies are my favourite flower! This is perfect! Jxo

  3. This is lovely Josie, every time I see your applique makes I promise myself that I will have a go at using digital stamps. One of these days I will actually get around to it :)

  4. What a lovely gift and I for one will be checking out your tutorial as I've never sewn a zip!! Xx

    1. A pouch would be a great first zip project. Mine cost 'nothing' to make as the fabric is upcycled and I cut zips out of worn out clothes, bags, coats........ I'd love to see a pouch from you x

  5. This will help even the roughest night be joyful in the morning! I want to make one of these for sure!

    Hugs from Honolulu, Hawai'i, USA,

  6. Thanks for the tutorial, going to have a go at making one this morning (should be gardening seeing the sun is out). I use masking tape to hold my zips in place instead pins, placing 2 or 3 strips at right angles to the zip and just sew through it, it peels off OK. It doesn't pucker the zip like pins do and is quicker than tacking. Cheers Sharon

  7. Good idea, I don't usually bother pinning or tacking but thought I ought to include it as a step in the tutorial! Enjoy your morning's sewing :o)

  8. I love linen fabric and yellow colour, so I definitely love the bag! So cute!