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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Appliqued Fabric Journal Cover

(Another Personalised Notebook)

Today's note book cover is for a recipe journal.  It's for a special young couple who bought their first house earlier this year.  Now I'm not sure if people actually even use recipe books these days or whether they just rely on the internet and 'cloud'!  However, I'm guessing even technical types jot down family favourites to be passed onto the next generation.  If not, the jotter could just be used for shopping lists!

I drew a basic sketch of a kitchen, combining an antique Victorian style range/Aga with a retro 1950's food mixer!  I then traced all of the shapes onto fusible web and fabric and ironed them into place onto a nice neutral beige polka dot fabric.

I then highlighted the outline and details of each shape by stitching them in black thread using free motion machine embroidery.

This step is the most exciting part of any project as the black stitches really make each design 'pop'!

The front and back pieces were then ready to be joined and quilted.

After the quilting was done I attached the contrasting spine fabric and then fiddled around with the design a little, adding a polka dot cat and kitchen clock.

It was then simply a matter of sewing the whole thing up whilst adding a lining and flaps to hold a purchased journal snugly in place.

Voila - All done!

Front and back

Close-up of stitching details

There are loads of great fabric journal cover tutorials out there on the internet and the designs can be as simple or complex as you fancy.  Everyone needs a journal - Have a go!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Embroidered Gardening Journal

Appliqued Notebook Covers

I have not blogged since last month, but I have been busy making note book covers and I have also a had a couple of little items published in magazines.  However, the main reason I have been quiet is that I was needed at my old place of work so subsequently had little or no time to myself during the last eight weeks.  It now seems to have calmed down, so I can finally get some blogging done!

As I said I have still been stitching, but have simply not had the time to take any pictures to share.  I created a number of notebook covers, but they have all been given away bar one...

It's a little present for Mr. Larkin's dear old Dad, who despite his great age is still going strong and potters in his garden most days.  I just hope I will be as active when I'm in my ninth decade!

I used my favourite raw edge applique and free motion embroidery techniques with a sprinkling of antique lace for the shed roof.

 Hopefully he will be touched by the little personalised sign over the shed door!  There is also one more special detail on the reverse...

 A message from the grandchildren xx