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Monday, 27 November 2017

Anything Goes! - Scrappy String Quilt

Strip Quilt Block Tutorial

December's issue of Sewing World Magazine is available in shops now and I have two projects featured, the first of which is this 'Anything Goes!' scrappy string quilt.  As the name suggests, there's absolutely no design rules to follow, which makes it the perfect way to use up all those miss-mash scraps from your fabric stash! 

The navy central strip of each block gives the eye a rest and provides unity, allowing the rest of your fabric choices to be completely random.  The scrappy approach also creates the opportunity to stitch the most wonderful memory quilts.  My family love to snuggle under ours, pointing out fabrics from previous projects and outgrown childhood clothing!

The blocks are first stitched using a foundation square and then trimmed to size, so there's no boring measuring (or even accurate sewing!) needed and the whole process is super quick!

The finished quilt can be any size, I just kept going until I had run out of the middle strips that I was cutting from a little dress my daughter had worn as a toddler.....So my quilt ended up big enough for more than one person to curl up under!

My son is holding it up in these pictures and he's at least 6'2" and as you can see it absolutely engulfs him!

The December issue has a total of 10 gorgeous projects waiting to be stitched and I'll share my second contribution with you all very soon!