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Monday, 13 October 2014

From Plastic Clock to Perfect Cloche!

Halloween Cloche Tutorial

Our Halloween theme this year is 'Victorian Gothic' so, not surprisingly, bell jars, cloches, apothecary jars and other weird and wonderful curiosities all feature prominently.  

We've collected lots of great items but something exciting happens when 'treasures' are placed under glass, as they instantly become even more special!  Our displayed specimens also have authentic looking museum labels, which I created in a gorgeous copperplate script, adding to the Victorian curiosities feel.  

I love cloches and bell jars but found them shockingly expensive in the shops and I needed loads to transform our home into the abode of a slightly eccentric Victorian family, so I set about making my own.  I've already shared a tutorial on the smaller cloches, two of which you can see on either side of the top hat wearing skull.  They looked great, but I also wanted a few taller ones for our larger exhibits so when I found a (very) kitsch plastic dome clock at my local car boot fair I knew I had struck thrifting gold!  I subsequently found another six, paying between 50p and £1.00 for each, leading to my next Halloween Craft DIY;

Thrifted dome clock
Small handle or knob
Spray paint 
Dremel or drill

Firstly remove the clock itself as only the base and dome are needed.  Simply turn the clock over and unscrew, retaining the removed parts for a later project.    

The next step is to cover the holes left from the clock with a circle of acetate.  I upcycled mine from the clear window commonly found in packaging.  It needs to be the same size as the inner circle on the base.  Stick into place and then spray paint black.

If your dome is plastic rather than glass, drill a hole in the top and attach a small cabinet handle.  Mine was originally a rather bright brass colour so I sprayed it black to perfectly match the base.

That's it........

...from plastic clock to perfect cloche!

What will you display in yours?


  1. Wow just brilliant!!! I'm loving your makes :-) (ps on my stitching front nothing really to show part back stitch of a zombie and just sorted out some bits out to continue with a hexie cushion that's been sat for ages untouched :-( )

  2. Your Halloween makes are fantastic. Loved them all so far and they just keep getting better and better. xx

  3. Ohh that is gorgeous Josie really love the little bird and books- so effective. Think something like this will have to go on my list for next year!

  4. what a great idea! I love the little books your birdie is standing on. I will have to start collecting those clocks myself!

  5. Such a brilliant idea, I shall no longer look at those horrible clocks under plastic in the same way, and of course you've go all the other bits from the clock which will no doubt come in handy some time.
    I love this idea and will be looking out for dome clocks from now on. lol

  6. I had not thought of using clocks like this. I have been buying the little cheese boards with domes from the thrift store and using them to display shells, autumn leaves and acorns, dried roses, etc. Great for mini cupcakes, too! Now I will also be looking for these clocks! Thanks for sharing this great idea!

  7. Absolutely fabulous Josie. You could publish a book with all your great makes! xx

  8. This is gorgeous! What a great idea. I'm going to keep my eye out for these clocks from now on!

  9. Hehe i love how much thought you've put into your Halloween display, its going to be the best party ever! :) Using clock domes for the cloches is such a great idea, i bet you've had loads of fun deciding what to display in them :) x

  10. What a fab up cycling idea! Love the gothic look and I bet you'll be ready soon for Hallowe'en.

    Have a lovely crafty week,

  11. Love this & they look fab together on the mantelpiece! How creative and thrifty to use an old clock :) x

  12. They look amazing, you have such great ideas and creative thoughts, I would never have considered transforming a clock like that.