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Friday, 28 June 2013

Journal Cover Sew-Along

Applique Note Book Cover 

Today is the launch of a Sew-a-Long hosted by the very talented Virginia Celoria over at 'Darlingadventures'.  It's the first one I have ever taken part in, so I was up early this morning getting started!  Ginny has a wonderful video tutorial which goes through the process of making a journal cover.  She makes it super easy to understand.  Give it a go and take part! 

There are further details on her Facebook page and the 'rules' are pretty relaxed. Simply follow Ginny's instructions for making the basic cover and then decorate however grabs your fancy...applique, patchwork,'re limited only by your imagination!

I was busy making mine today and here it is first thing this morning.  Can you tell what my theme is?

Yup, that's right, it's going to be another teacher appreciation gift, this time for my daughter's wonderful teacher.  

Once the details had been stitched it became clearer;

I used Ginny's basic pattern to make a patchwork cover as I wanted the front and back to feature different fabrics.  The front is comprised of a soft pink upcycled pillow case and an old favourite floral fabric cut from a very worn 'Dorma' duvet cover.   The back is made from a pair of outgrown jeans.  I chose this so that the journal would not show up so many marks when placed on a grubby school desk! 

I have embroidered her teacher's name on the front and adding to the personal touch, I ensured that the little girl's hair colour matches Alice's! 

I hope both Ginny and Ms. Westerman like it!

Keep checking Ginny's Facebook page for inspiration from all those talented people out there!


  1. I love these!!! Thanks so much for participating and coming up with such creative and beautiful covers. Journals never looked this good :-)

  2. Thanks Ginny, I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone's designs