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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

My Very First Quilt - Finally Blogged!

Rail Fence in Zig-Zag

Regular readers might remember that I started my first full sized quilt back in the summer, a classic rail fence design, stitched from old duvet covers and one of Mr Larkin's work shirts.  I found the whole process of cutting out hundreds of rectangles pretty boring and moaned about it in this post!  Some kind, and very experienced, quilters suggested I should try strip quilting to speed the whole process up - Although by the time I blogged my woes, I had already started my next quilt an upcycled pinwheel shirt quilt which unfortunately wasn't suitable for this method.

I actually got the quilt finished in just a couple of weeks but I find the process of taking decent photos even more trying than cutting out rectangles.  I snapped these shots on a sunny day back in the summer and didn't really want to blog them as they make the quilt colours looks very insipid. However, I've finally acknowledged to myself that I'm not ever likely to retake them!

I've now started my next quilt project a scrappy string quilt but my lovely Bernina 440QE was pulling to the left and has been sent off for a service, so progress has been halted.  It also means that for the first time ever I'm not stitching up any Christmas presents, so I'm not sure what to do instead....


  1. Oh no, that is terrible. I hope that your machine is okay. I know it sounds a bit daft but I think that machines have a bit of a personality and we get used to all their little idiosyncrasies. It makes sewing on something else feel a bit off. Well for me anyway.:) I love this quilt. It looks great finished and the colours are lovely and soft. I have never tried strip quilting so thanks for the link. Anything that makes cutting out faster is a Godsend. Xx

  2. I'm just waiting to see what the bill is going to be! Still, I bought her second hand five years ago and this is the first 'glitch' we've had :)

  3. The quilt is beautiful Josie! I hope you're really pleased with it too :)

  4. Hello Josie ,
    the Quilt ist so awesome ! So beautiful!
    Greetings from Germany

  5. This is gorgeous!! Well done for sticking with it :-) Have a lovely Christmas and I look forward to seeing more of your great inspiring posts xx

  6. Hi Josie

    I have a spare machine if you want to borrow, I am 8 miles from darlington. Don't like the thought of no machine for you to use.

    Love the quilt, well done.

    Sharon x

    1. See Sharon, that is is lovely of you! I do have another (two!) machines packed away in a cupboard, but my 440 is my favourite so I'm just hoping she's back soon. However, your offer is what makes the blogging community so absolutely wonderful - Wishing you a very joyful Christmas season xxx

  7. Lovely quilt. The traditional designs are definately my favourite. Hope your machine is back with you soon!

  8. It's a beautifully soft and subtle quilt J, and gorgeous quilting too! Well done. How about home baked pressies instead? Jxo

  9. Oh my goodness how beautiful Josie! WOW! I've never made a quilt and keep day...Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. Lovely quilt Josie, I hope you get your favourite machine back soon. How about trying some crochet or tatting to keep your hands busy? Hx

  11. Love the quilt Josie and the quilting is excellent and really stands out.

  12. Your quilt is really lovely Josie, and so captures the essence of what quilting used to be before fabric designers got in on the act :)
    Hope your trusty Bernina is soon back and purring along nicely again.

  13. Your quilt is beautiful, Josie.

    You could try hand stitching and quilting, something small. My latest little quilted project is all hand stitched so far!
    Have a lovely Christmas.
    Barbara xx

  14. Beautiful work! I've only ever made hexagon patchwork and never had the courage to try anything else. My sewing machine has finally given up the ghost so that's my excuse for now!;)
    A very happy christmas to you! xx

  15. How lovely. You must be pleased. I agree it is never easy photographing something at its best angle for others to appreciate. Particularly difficult if it is something you want to sell.

  16. After weeks of promising I would, I have had a lovely morning of reading through your blog...I have so loved it.xx