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Monday 27 March 2017

Beautiful Bags ~ New Bookazine

Applique Peg Bag

I've had seven different projects published in various sewing and crafting magazines so far this year and it's only March!  However, in between the actual stitching and writing of patterns, I juggle the needs of my children with caring for elderly parents, suffering from dementia, so blogging unfortunately takes a (very) back seat.

I'm hoping that as the nights draw out taking photos will be easier and I'll therefore be able to use the lighter evenings to create some longer blog posts but in the meantime it remains hit and miss!  However I wanted to quickly share this project featured in a new bookazine by the folks behind Sewing World Magazine.

I particularly like bookazines as I find they work out such good value, this one is priced at £6.99, and contains fifteen new bags with clear step by step photo instructions and a full sized pull-out pattern sheet ~ That's just over 45p per project!

My contribution is an appliqued peg bag with a very cute little house and washing line

 I want to live in a house with a white picket fence!

 The bag has a little velcro strap so that it can be quickly and easily fixed to the washing line.  The bucket shape also means that it can be free standing, if preferred, so your pegs will always be close at hand.



  1. My two favourite things combined in one - bags & magazines!! Eeek. Glad you are well although maybe a little bit frazzled - its lovely to see your posts even if it is as and when, you and your family are more important xx hugs xx

  2. I could do with a new peg bag my old one was left behind when we moved so I have been using an old shoe bag since, your applique bag is definitely a huge step up from that!
    Love to read about your projects whenever you can grab the time to blog about them, something has to give when life is so full on for you. Rest assured that I am cheering you on from the side :)

  3. It's lovely to read what you are making, when you have time, and I love your peg bag, it's so sweet ..... such a gorgeous little house, with its picket fence!
    Barbara x

  4. Oh I love this, will look for the book next time I'm in WH SMith! And your stitching is perfect! - I need to practice more! xx

  5. What awesom sewing-stitching . You are one creative gal . Hugs and blessings , Cindy

  6. Josie, the bag is lovely A fab pressie for special people. Take care of yourself. I have a picket fence, liked it until it needed painting IT TAKES FOREVER to do, so not so keen on it now! Sharon x

  7. What an absolutely adorable peg bag, Josie. Almost too good to use outdoors.