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Friday, 28 February 2014

Appliqued Egg Cosies

Personalised Easter Gifts

It's another gorgeous sunny day in my part of the UK and it felt like the perfect time to get on with some Easter stitching.  I dragged some pretty pastel fabrics out of my stash and started stitching some cute linen egg cosies.

Mr Larkin and I host lunch after church on Easter Sunday each year for our friends.  Numbers depend on whether we have a finger buffet or sit down meal.  Last year we seated thirty-one, but if it's a buffet year there could be as many as forty to fifty guests. They are all very well trained though, I provide the main course and they each bring a contribution towards pudding!

The Easter Bunny makes an appearance and hands out presents from his basket.  Last year it was these little felt gift bags;

This year it's going to be egg cosies.  I have a short attention span, so I need to sew a few each week as I'll get bored if I have to stitch them all at once.  I'm also going to be sewing lots of different designs to keep my attention levels up and I'll share each new batch as I finish them.

This little bunny is so sweet, but very simple to sew.  I love this soft lilac colour but it would also be perfect in a more masculine navy.  The applique template was from 'Prima' magazine and you can get it here.

I traced the design onto fusible webbing (Bondaweb) and then free-motion embroidered in the black stitching details on my regular sewing machine.

I've also appliqued each guests' initial onto the back of the cosies, using a nice chunky font, for that personal touch.  I just love the jaunty dotty fabrics combined with the black stitching.

Happy Easter!


  1. I never knew what an egg cosy was until I saw a blog post about them last year. I love that they are another cute way to decorate though!

  2. Hi Josie,
    thank you for your comment on my blog.
    My your needlework is amazing. I love the egg cosy, and all the super designs especially the owl one.
    My mother was a a wonderful needlework person. She made me and my 2 sisters clothes when we were children. I too have made clothes, but sadly I can't feel the tips of my fingers to hold a needle prperly now, and I have a problem with my eyesight too.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  3. I love your blog and your amazing creations!!!
    Keep creating!

  4. Thank you for popping in to visit my blog. I love your egg cosies and the birdies on your last post are gorgeous! Happy Easter to you too. It wont be long before I set up my Easter display, and my dear cat steals the birds and bunnies to play with. xxx

  5. You are going to produce many, I gather. Interesting to see what you come up with!