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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Appliqued Home Bunting

Embroidered Cow Garland

Having spent the last week decoupaging eggs, I'm now ready to 'moo've' back into stitching again. I wanted a lovely spring project with bright fresh colours to lift me from the grey dark days of a UK winter.  The wind is blowing a gale outside and 'brrr, I'm Friesian'! 

You've got the hang of this post and yup I'm really 'milking' it here.  Any more puns would be 'udder' overkill!  So I'll stop and let you have a little look at this instead;

It's a present for a special friend who is really quite poorly at the moment.  I had been intending to make her some bunting for her classroom but that project has been put on hold as it might be some time before she is well enough to return to teaching.  Cows are her favourite animals so hopefully this cheery character will lift her spirits during a trying time.

I began by drawing a basic cow's face which would easily translate into an applique.  I then added a bit of colour so I could check that the design would work before I actually started cutting any fabric.

The photos don't reflect the colours particularly well, but I used brown for the facial markings and then some little scraps of polka dot fabric in shades of pink, white and green for the rest of the design.

The bias-binding is part of a batch which I made from an old pillow case.  It was perfect for this project as, by a stroke of luck, it contained all the right colours even down to the soft apple green of the lettering!


Get well soon Fiona!


  1. Hello Josie
    I love your appliqued bunting and your really cute cow design looks fab.
    Good luck with the gadget case making :) x

  2. Hi Josie, thanks for your lovely visit to my blog. Oooh I think I'm going to like yours!!! off for a nosy and now following xxx