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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Style at Home magazine

How to spend a snowy few hours....

As I have already mentioned I treated myself to a magazine this week called 'Style at Home'.  I don't normally buy them as they can be quite expensive, but this one was just £1.99 and I had been given a Sainsbury's voucher for my birthday and I didn't want the whole lot to be spent on potatoes, bread, eggs, washing powder, bleach...........etc...etc!

Anyway, here is the super new publication I chose;

It had a great article on Chloe Owens, author of "All Sewn Up", followed by a piece on 'How to Blog' and so here I am having a go at blogging!
Now these two articles alone would be worth the £1.99, but there was lots more to interest me, including some super makes from a new book by Eline Pellinkolf, with the chance to win a copy;

Photo: Hello WIN IT Wednesday. 
We've two copies of the book Stitch and Sew Home by Eline Pellinkhof (£14.99, David Charles) to give away - email by Tuesday 22nd Jan at 12pm and two fans drawn by random will win a copy/UK only. 

You can also order a copy for the special price of £9.73 with free p&p/UK only (code R11804 at checkout) or call RUCraft on 0844 8805851
The five projects which Style at Home featured in this month's copy are all very pretty and spring-like, so what else to do on a freezing cold snowy day than stay indoors and make a little birdie!  

Here is mine feeling very glad to be inside looking outside;

I made a couple of small changes from the original pattern, the first was sewing up the end of the tail.  In the magazine he had a frayed tail and being made from linen looked super-cute and very shabby chic!.  As mine was stitched in cotton, this seemed less appropriate.  I also used two small seed beads for the eyes rather than working them with thread.  The final slight change I made was to put a couple of shaping stitches in the beak, which makes him look slightly more duck-like, although whether this is an 'improvement' or not is a matter of choice!   


  1. glad to read you spent your vouchers on you!

    1. I'm in the process of making a couple of little 'mystery items' for people in your household!

  2. Welcome to Blogland, your blog looks good, lots of interesting things and good pictures - say a thousand words. No quilting shops in Malta!!

  3. Really pretty! I'm really enjoying your blog already - keep posting! :oD

  4. Lovely blog, hopefully you will have some more photos to enter very shortly!