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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My new toy!

A badge machine

For Christmas the gorgeous Mr. Larkin gave me a shiny new badge machine. Well actually it was very much second-hand, but hey it only cost £105 including shipping instead of £475  new.  It might not be shiny and it is pretty bashed up, but it works beautifully!

Here it is;

I used it to make a couple of small presents before Christmas, mainly embroidered badges for the children's teachers.  I have since been being having a go at making personalised mirrors with it.  I'll share some pictures of those once they're finished.


I walked my youngest to school this morning as usual and then popped to the shops where I treated myself to a magazine using the voucher my sister kindly gave me for my birthday.  I chose 'Style at Home' which was a very reasonable £1.99!  I never normally purchase magazines, so was quite excited to flick though it, and as I did I found an article on 'blogging', something dear Mr. Larkin has been suggesting to me for rather a while.  Just as I was doing this the snow started to come down.

So..... I spent the afternoon  learning how to blog!  The idea was to then spend some time in the evening sewing.  However, this blogging stuff is proving fun but time-consuming, so it has spilled into the time set aside for stitching!  Hopefully I'll sew again tomorrow......

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