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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Owl Cupcake Toppers

Felt Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Our local schools break up for their half-term holiday on Friday, with all next week off.  It's been a long eight weeks since the start of term back in September and both students and teachers are ready for a well earned rest.

Alice has now joined her brother at secondary school and it was a very successful transition, due to the efforts of her lovely form tutor and subject teachers.  George went into Year Ten and has stayed with the same great tutor for the fourth year running.

As a little thank you for all their help and care in making the first half term so painless, the children and I stitched up some cute cupcake toppers for both tutors.

George also helped out with the design of the packaging and on the back is one of my favourite seasonal quotes;

 'Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower' Albert Camus

The yummy frosted cupcakes were purchased in Sainsburys and the ones pictured only just made it through the photo shoot before they were polished off by some very willing 'helpers'.  I'm now putting off buying replacements until the last minute, hopefully avoiding further temptation!

We're off to Barcelona for a few days next week and when we return it will be almost time for our Halloween party, so it should be a lovely break for the children.  If you're on holiday too, enjoy!


  1. What a lovely idea :-) Enjoy Barcelona - I'll be picking your brains for any tips/places to visit as thats on my sons hit lits of cities to visit :-) - he could have gone with his school but it was nearly £600 for 4 days - our family could go for that!! lol xx Have a lovely half term xx

  2. Such a lovely idea and beautifully put together for a gift :)

  3. How lovely. These are so cute. Have a lovely time. Barcelona is an amazing city. Hope that the weather is better than here. Look out for all the lovely fabric shops on Roger de lluria if you are that way. Xx

  4. What a unique and inventive idea. Have a wonderful wee break away. Jxo