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Wednesday 3 April 2013

Quilted Easter Cones

Free Motion Embroidery & Raw Edge Applique

It's almost time to pack away the Easter things, so I thought I would share one more Spring post with you all before I turn my thoughts to creating Summer items.  A couple of years ago I made 25 of these cones, with 15 different designs.  Only George and Alice's remain, as all the rest were given away as presents.  However, my brother has taken some wonderful photos of the two I made for his children.  I also had a couple of photos from this year of the new cones I stitched for our god-children.

I free-motion quilted the fabric in a pattern which I think is officially  know as 'stipple or stippling'.  Surely just a posh term for random squiggles?

The designs have been applied using raw-edge applique and more free motion embroidery around the edges. 

The standard of the next three photos is not really of a very high quality, but the setting sun does at least obscure the damage caused by a certain family member who I can only presume was jealous at not receiving a cone of her own....

...bad jealous kitty!

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